Hello and welcome!

My name is Nathaniel Woodward ( Raley)

I am a data science professional and former faculty member in Statistics and Data Sciences at UT Austin, where I earned both PhD (2018) and MS (2016) while working as a researcher and statistical consultant.

I am interested in modern statistical approaches to causal inference, especially as they apply to evaluations of human behavior. In my research, I have used institutional data to investigate teaching effectiveness, curriculum redesign, pathways through college, and other questions important to university stakeholders.

I have experience modeling the causal effect of large-scale interventions, including a nationwide randomized effectiveness trial. I have also conducted laboratory studies with human subjects to test interventions designed to improve long-term retention and transfer of learning to new contexts.

I am also interested in human–computer interaction and have experience applying psychometric techniques to adaptively model latent traits (such as ability and mastery) based on people’s interactions with technology (e.g., click-stream and other log data, biometric measurements) and using such models to inform predictions and to optimize training regimens.

For some examples of my work, see the portfolio page.