First post: a couple links

“O Muses, O high genius, aid me now!”
-Inferno, Canto II

While I’ve nothing interesting to say right now, I do have a few things to show you: a few tools I’ve found.

If you use the “highlighter” function in a .pdf reader, you might find this service helpful (; with a click, it copies all of the text you’ve highlighted and combines it into a single file. This is certainly nontrivial, and it took me a good half-an-hour to find.

Also, if you want a quick $\LaTeX$ compiler, check this out ( It creates a .png based on the input and keeps your output online so you can link to it. For instance, here’s a generalized form of Euler’s identity:

It is super handy; I’m not sure if it supports packages, but it’s good to know about regardless. Both of these are completely free and a breeze to use.